Mixed Reality device and SDK

Company: Kodama Ltd.

Year: 2018

Location: London, UK

Press and Awards

British Invention Show 2018:

Gold Medal of Invention

Silver Medal of Design

Skill Set

HCI, UX, Agile

1.User and need

XR-mouse with the Unity SDK and a ported VR application

Early on, on the field interviews, trials and poll campaigns were used to pinpoint the need and the typical user profile that has this need.

Research revealed that:

  • Most people feel a need for a new device, to make it easy to communicate in 3D.
  • They want new devices to be compatible with their workflow/ current software VS. using Virtual reality
  • Architects is the user group who answered the most positively.
  • People who used Wacom products in the past are willing to spend more money on the XR-mouse.

2.Beta product

Production Management documentation sample
Sample of Backlog management

A pilot was developed with an architectural visualisation studio. For this pilot, we developed an MVP. The XR-mouse enables to create camera animations in real time with a single hand movement.

The MVP was developed to work with the software used by the client (Unreal Engine), and the hardware was designed to be scalable for units between one to a few hundred.

The beta program is still on-going.

Interaction design guidelines:

Unity Software SDK demo:

Product design and render (Rhino + Keyshot+Photoshop)

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