Loops - My music videos

Company:  One Studio Ltd.

Year: 2015

Team size: 1

Location: London, UK

Role: Founder and Director

Press & Awards

Niusnews (Taiwan) 

Naver (South Korea) 

Kizitora (Japan) 

#TOP 10 in the App Store in 1 location

Skill Set


UX design

iOS App development (Obj-C)


Screen time shifts from TV to Mobile as age decreases. This ultimately meant that the ad spend budget of $68B per year on TV would soon shift to mobile highlighting the opportunity for building a platform that would capture younger users.

Young users watch Mobile screens, and the most viewed app is youtube, where 9 out of 10 videos are music videos. The TOP 15 most viewed videos are music videos too.

From these insights, I was set to prototype a music video creation social app.

Looking for opportunities to design new medias.

Connecting user behaviour, screen time per platform and advert spending.

Average screen time per platform
Younger users watch more Mobile than TV
Ad spend per platform in 2014

2.Story Creation Experimentation

From story creation...

The first phase of experimentation was driven by discovering how stories are built and how to enable users to create them seamlessly. I developed an iOS prototype that enabled users to record videos based on a given structure. Each sequence of recording would be preceded by a context card to inspire the user.

Most stories regardless of their length are based on the same structure.
Early app flow guiding the user in the creation of a story

...to a focus on music videos

The first series of user testing revealed that:

  • Users get tired after recording 3 sequences
  • Users do not want to edit videos
  • Users feel better when the app provides context before shooting the sequence.
  • Users care more about capturing “the moment” than telling an elaborated story

Based these insights the second phase of experimentation started with a stronger focus on Music videos. After analysing the most popular music videos of all time, I discovered a pattern in the way they are edited: they always feature 2 parallel stories, one with the band, and the other with the fans, the 2 stories are added together and edited following the rhythm of the song.

Most music videos are split into 2 parallel stories, editing styles could be generated with Artificial Intelligence.
Basic iOS prototype for user testing

A prototype was built and iteratively tested until the users were able to create meaningful content without assistance. Once the production timeline and plan for features, UI, testing and launch was set, development could start.

3.MVP and Launch

App Store page

App Analytics

Analytics data revealed territories to target more specifically as well as age groups. Doing the further competitive analysis and user testing enabled to realise what features were required to enhance the product.

One of the main barriers was to bring music to the platform which had to be done with a partner; indie bands were excited to join the platform.  Because music communities are active, one of the main opportunity was to create a social network for creating and sharing music videos (this was initially done through the implementation of Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter sharing APIs).

Press coverage in Taiwan and South Korea

Loops was developed and launched without a financial budget. The app was completely free, and revenue was generated through ads (Google AdMob).

Before the launch, I unlocked a partnership with French band A Rainmaker and featured a short sequence of their new song for people to create videos with it. This was designed to help users discover new artists, and for artists to get visibility. In the long term, Loops could be a marketing platform for Artists to promote and launch their songs.

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